Our Eleven New Bishops installed in Africa and associated ministry representatives.

Doctorate Awards for Ministry by Cardinal +++George whilst in Nigeria, Africa.


Bishop prostrate on the floor in Consecration

 The Synod - BISHOPS in our World Communion

In the World Communion Of Christian Convergence Churches (CCC) - Bishops function on a 'relational' basis, to those in their care, rather than a 'territorial' basis of church government. We are currently seeking Deacons, Priests and Bishops in this Communion.

A bishop however, is not a higher 'ordained' office of the church, and therefore a bishop is no less a priest of mercy and service.  The function of bishop should not be above the office of the priesthood, the bishopric is actually a serving 'function' of a priest, as an overseer or shepherd, which calls for a consecration (or setting aside) by the church and not another office of ordination, however, bishops should be respected and seen as a responsible seat of wisdom and authority within the church.

The yearly retreat which finishes with the Church Synod, where the clergy gather and the bishops meet and decide how to manage the Church, at least once per year, is a time of great fellowship and Communion, where members get a chance to resolve issues and become empowered and encouraged for service. 

Although tradition calls for bishops to pass on their consecration, it is not a Biblical doctrine, such as normal 'setting aside' with laying on of hands (ordination) which was for Deacons and Priests, the consecration of bishops is man centered and led by church tradition, it has become constitutional in the church, which has instigated this symbolic act, for the special role.  

If one is ordained as a Deacon or Priest and set aside and consecrated or ordained in Apostolic succession, and one has become a Bishop, by instigation of the local Church, in an unbroken line from the first century church of Christ, then one is truly in Apostolic succession and this special anointing cannot then be broken down again by the whim of man or Criticism of those who suggest they have more valid consecrations or ordinations.

The Royal Priesthood is for all true Christians, either in Apostolic Succession, or not, regardless of the functions labeled: Apostle, Overseer, Bishop, Cardinal, these are all functions that call for consecration (instigated through a usual ceremonial of the relevant church).  The Communion is for the CONVERGENCE of both Roman Catholic, Old Catholic and Protestant, but above all, we support ministries and members and train men for the Priesthood.   We are to love one another as Christ loved us.  Amen.


Bishops Ordinary sit in the House of Bishops


Tampa, Florida Diocese

The Right Reverend, 

Bishop +John



Rev P .Babu Daniel Synod President - Synod of CECI


Rev.Dr.Mohan Lal

Council of Bethesda Christian Church from India
Picture TBN

    Ghana - The Right Revd Bishop +John Peter Thomas


Apostle and Prayer ministry covering many churches in UK and Africa


Pakistan - The Right Revd Bishop, Dr +Khurram Shahzad


Covering some 100 small churches, conferences, schools and orphanages


India - The Right Reverend Bishop Jestin Selvaraj


President of the 300 strong 'Pastors Fellowship' in Northern India


England UK - The Right Reverend Bishop (Designate) +Paul Blakey MBE


Founder - Halifax Street Angels, established in Bradford, Guildford, Bedford, et al.

Current President  - The Christian Nightlife Initiative - UK based


Pakistan - Right Reverend Bishop +Altaf Anthony


Nigeria - The Right Reverend Joel 


Nigeria - Most Reverend, Dr.+ Prosper Ayawei - Archbishop Designate

Beyelsa State Nigeria.


Nigeria - Right Reverend +Godspower - Bishop Designate



Nigeria 11 Bishops 


Nigeria - The Right Reverend Bishop +Samson Olasupo

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World Harvest College and Leadership School

Many Pastors being trained under this College


India Pradesh - The Right Rvd Bishop +P. Ramurthy (Stephen) Naik

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Nagar, Palem, Prakasam,


India - The Right Revd Bishop +John Victor

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New Life Society - Church Based Organisation


India - The Right Revd Bishop +

Picture TBN


India, Andhra Pradesh - The Right Revd Bishop +Sudhir Babu

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Shalom Gospel Fellowship - 3 Churches - Visakhapatnam


Punjab - Pakistan - The Right Revd Bishop +Ruaf Swan

The Voice of God Church Ministries


Eldoret Kenya - The Right Revd Bishop +Simon Kamau

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Jesus Bible Church


Arifwala City - Pakistan - The Right Rev Bishop +John Fahim

Light of Hope Ministries


Phillipines - The Right Revd Bishop +Rudolpho Dalapu


India, Pradesh - The Right Reverend Bishop +K. C. Deva Raju

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Sheaf & Grace Ministries


Africa, Nigeria - The Right Reverend Bishop +A. Kingsley

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Believers Bible Church


Kenya, Eldoret - The Right Reverend Bishop +Jonathan M. Mwadame

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Jesus For Me Ministries