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This is not just a conveyor belt ordination factory...

The Communion of Christian Celtic Convergence Churches are currently seeking Gospel Deacons and Pastors, also Bishops, Priests and Deacons, for ordination within this new World-wide Communion of Churches. 

We interview and take up references and maintain that our new ministers have to have a form of ministry, or at least have a vision plan, and / or having already worked in ministry, i.e. within a local church, or studying in seminary, or a form of street ministry, or Christian community work. 

We do not offer to financially support any of our ministers, deacons, priests or bishops and they are not on any payroll.  All Provinces, Diocese and local Parishes are responsible for their own generation of income to support the ministers and ministries.  

The involvement we offer is purely on a 'spiritual relationship' (mentoring) and therefore the Communion of Christian Celtic Convergence Churches (WCCC) is not responsible financially for their ordained ministers or members and do not allow any member to represent the WCCC Communion, without express written authority from the Prelature, within the House of Bishops, to do so. 

Any enquiry from around the World regarding individual ministers or ministries will be met with only an offer to supply an official standing of their Holy Orders issued from the Communion and if the particular ministry belongs and is under good standing with the WCCC.  No other correspondence will be accomodated.

You may contact us to join our WCCC Communion and after emailing, or writing letters, we may eventually speak on the phone.  

Ordinary Membership is open to anyone who professes the Lord Jesus Christ as their saviour and Lord and who wants to walk as a disciple of Jesus alongside us.


What we are seeking from Candidates for HOLY ORDERS.  1). Send us an email outlining your Journey so far.   2). Tell us also of your God given? Vision for your personal Ministry.  3). finally tell us of How you see your Vision and therefore your Ministry integrating with the WCCC. 

***WCCC ADMIN Office: Email address is or if not received a reply within 7 days please email our Archbishop's office at

We will then send you an application pack by email. After the application is received back from the Candidate duly filled in correctly and signed, and receipt of the candidates previous Certifications and proof of qualifications and Identity, which will be seen by our Pastoral team for assessment and prayerful decision to proceed or not.

The Administration team will then inform our decision, usually within 2 - 4 weeks.


If someone is not deemed suitable for HOLY ORDERS they may be suitable to be commissioned as a Minister of the Gospel as a Pastor in our Communion.  We will offer details and information when that may arise.

We will not turn anyone away without at least offering fellowship and possible service to God of some kind.  We all have gifts and talents for God to use. 

We accept born again spirit filled candidates as Ordinands for Holy Orders, as Deacons, or Priests within the WCCC Communion. 

We are not homophobic.  We also do not discriminate on heterosexual relationships on grounds of separation, divorce or remarriage.  Talk to us and find out that we are motivated by grace and favor, not through condemnation, or judgmental attitudes.

We allow Archbishops/Bishops to make decisions regarding whom they Ordain and where they deploy their Deacons, Priests and Deaconesses, or Bishops, how they utilise the 2 or 7 Sacraments based on mercy, common sense and for the good of all the community that they care for. 

We are therefore, not responsible as a body for individual ministers decisions in the performance of individual ceremonies.  We will not endorse loans or representations as a World Communion by anyone purporting to be a minister in our World Communion, not any existing clergy without duly certificated and authorisation in any financial matters specifically from this Holy See, apart from normal spiritual ministry to their parishioners.

However, we do uphold the Christian ethos of love and compassion throughout the World wide WCCC Communion and would expect our ordained ministers to respect a Biblical stance in all matters, or expullsion of an individual may result.

Page showing Ex-Clergy Members and their standing within our World Communion.

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