Affiliation Ministries 

Those existing Ministries, both large and small who may desire to Affiliate with us:-

We are a dispersed Christian Convergence Community and do not support any Ministers, Missions or Ministries other than to offer a spiritual covering and continuing spiritual mentoring and oversight for credibility sake for prospective ministers and their flock.

We expect all of our World Communion members to tithe (a small amount of their clergy/church income each year) to support the work of our Archbishop, specifically for travel expenses, to visit people in ministry and to encourage missions, also to ordain and consecrate others. 

Our ministry oversight is particularly in recognising believers, baptising and recognising individuals gifts and specifically recognising called servants of God and validating or commissioning them for acts of service within their communities.

It is to also spread the message of Convergence - Note: this ministry is certainly not to be confused with the ideology of a One World Order. 

We also do not condone extremism in any area other than to serve Christ. 

We do not wish to purchase jets or have multi-million pound mansions / properties, or extravagant toys, such as exotic expensive cars, etc. We do not preach a prosperity gospel yet we do preach Grace to the saints. We have all the riches and resources necessary that we may need from time to time, in Christ Jesus. Amen.