Join Us in the Lord's work... extend the Kingdom!

We invite anyone to join us in ordinary membership of this Communion of Churches

Please contact your local area church,,, or community, or let us know if you can personally host a new cell group meeting, if you are unaware of any local ministry nearby to you.

Email:  and please also

Text : UK.   07- 799 - 847 - 720   for enquries.

I want to be a part of the World Communion of Christian Celtic Convergence Church and agree to support the overal ministry of the work in the Gospel by offering my Tithes, Love Gifts and Thanks Offerings into the Lord' Treasury as a partner in the Lord's work. Bless me God as I seed into this ministry. Amen.

Donation via Paypal online below immediately


Thank you for your generosity of heart and being open handed - we believe the Lord will bless you for your faithfulness. Amen