If you think you may wish to join the WCCC Communion of Churches Ministries or an Order, or if you just seek simple Inter-Communion with us.

Please send an email to admin@cccc-church.org

Request an application form now. You may wish simple membership as a person.

NOTE:  Send an email to the Pastoral Evaluation Team at the email address and it is very important to explain what your interest is, in terms of, either; training, ordination, incardination, or consecration? Or if you have another reason to join?

Don't forget to tell us a brief life testimony of your secular work and journey to the Lord and how Jesus has changed your life.  Also continue to tell us what your ministry is right now and what you have a Vision for ministry for the future and how you see that integrating with the WCCC.

We wish to bless and release you through the five fold ministry, to serve God faithfully and offer you a covering to do so.

Alternatively you may try to text a message to UK Mobile 07799 847720. Phone calls are not accepted on this line.  If invited to speak to us, Candidiates will be given a number to call if they email or text. 

Thank you.