We are currently seeking existing, ordained, or un-ordained, Deacons and those who desire this office. 

Just get in contact to simply find out more about becoming a minister and take up the office of 'Deacon' (which carries the title Reverend Deacon) in the Communion of Christian Celtic Convergence Churches (WCCC) which is established World wide. 

Deacons are spiritual leaders who are Pastors and teachers and evangelists and preachers who take care of the church, specifically, a mission to the poor and vulnerable in the church and outside her.  Also taking care of the physical needs, to be organisers, managers and administrators, who make the church run smoothly and comfortably and may assist their local Priest and or Bishop.They report directly to the Bishop IC.  

Deaconesses: We also support the Ancient Ministry and Commission women specifically to that of the honorary title of Reverend Deaconess.

Please see contact page for further details...