CONVERGENCE Ministry - 5 ways to relate 

Styles of relationship available in our Convergence Church:-

1. Full Communion - Joined in Covenant Membership Relationship. Clergy and normal members. To also include Full Training where required, and ministerial support and spiritual covering, if none provided for them, under the direction of our own Church Canons. Must have to be In full Apostolic Succession and in a closer Full Communion association.

2. Inter-Communion Relationship: Using the Bonn Agreement - maintaining Independence and accepting the differences - For other Communions / Churches / Religious Orders / Evangelical Mission / Mercy Ministries. Usually Gospel ministries within Old Catholic / Anglo Catholic, Orthodox or Roman Catholic styles suited best. Usually in Apostolic Succession.

3. Ecumenical Relationship - In Apostolic Succession. Inter-Communion affiliation in the Spirit. For other Apostolic Communions / Religious Orders / Churches / Missions, Chaplaincies, etc. Friends of our World Communion who would be invited to our Kingdom work and witness.

4. Inter-Fellowship of Gospel Ministries - For Gospel Churches:- We offer Commissionings to become a truly validated 'Minister of the Gospel' with the honorary title Reverend and Certification of Pastoral Oversight of a church or churches- This is for Independent Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Prophets, Apostles - A non-Apostolic Relationship. That we may encourage the work of the Kingdom and dialogue to bring convergence within the body of Christ at grass roots level. Close association through Christ.

5. Inter-Religious Dialogue - To form friendly relationships - For simple Inter-Faith work, to open discussion in social community service, humanitarion aid, justice and mercy missions and to express our love for God and people. Typical work in this area, such as STREET MINISTERS and BUS-STOP Free Drop-In (Street mission work) - therefore to learn where we may touch others in a positive way, to learn to listen to others that we may grow in understanding, grace and favour.