World Communion Donations & Tithes

The Gospel is FREE but spreading it at this level, where we are reaching over 100 Countries right now, costs money to be effective in the work of the Kingdom in today's modern World.


It is your Seed time now and ensure you seed into good soil to ensure a tremendous Harvest in the future times, It is coming.. Send your Tithes, Love Gifts and Thanks Offerings now and they can be sent by donating right here through our portal below...

We want to offer you something as a thank you - so All donations will be acknowledged and for those over £50 we would like to send you a free Seasonal Prayer Candle, which you may use as a point of contact (like the Apostle Paul used his handkerchief to bless others in healing). We want to uphold you in prayer today. Get in touch and let us pray for you...

We want to be more involved with you and for all donations we will also enter your name/s in our prayer book and on our weekly email circular to go out with our weekly Bible reading notes for meditation and growth in the Word.  We will pray for you and trust God will bless you abundantly through our prayers for you and will offer to pray for you regularly over the next few weeks for a breakthrough in your life. Alleluia.

Glory to God... simply click below on the PayPal button to donate immediately to help others to hear the Gospel across the Globe. 


There is also a facility to donate for the work of our Archbishop, specifically to travel to remote places and other parts of the World, to support, ordain and minister to various missions, churches, clergy and their respective congregations in our World Communion.

And Please send in your donations that the Lord may bless you in His good and glorious timing.

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Thank you for your wonderful Donation to the Glory of God..

Remember that the Lord loves a cheerful giver and He will certainly reward you in His due time  Bless God.