The BYPASS-THERAPY Technique using a Deep Relaxation State of Meditation, Visualisation & Scriptural Imputation...

In short we call it the 'By-Pass Therapy' (BPT).  This is a therapy developed by George Booty at   The Lifescript Clinic of Harley Street, in London. W1.

We prayerfully utilise several therapy techniques and take the elements which Christians may accept and trust, as Godly forms of therapeutic ministry.

We offer teaching in this alternative therapy and many other techniques through CPCPE, our 'Centre for Pastoral Counselling and Psychotherapy Education' an Institute in Milton Keynes, England, UK.

Healing: Spiritual Healing from God and is considered to be exercising faith through the expectation of the Holy Spirit working, both in the Healer and the person being healed.

F.F. Bosworth (Book - Christ The Healer) and many other famous ministers with healing gifts and / or anointings, all consider faith to be fundamental to the prayerful healing process that takes place when a person is healed.

Deep forms of meditation can be therapeutic on many levels.

We use 'Lectio Devina' (Scriptural thought) in prayerful meditation and simple breathing exercises used in alternative therapies - like the 'Benson technique'.

We also utilise alternative healing methods in Meditation of breath and sound, commonly known as bodywork.

When patients find it hard to access deep seated feelings, we may use Art in therapy, to bypass the conscious mind and allow the unconscious mind to break through, using the creative side of the brain (the left brain) and this often helps therapist and the patient, to find out what the issues are all about.

Just as money can be used for good or evil, also therapies of all sorts can be abused.

Christian Counselling:   Nouthetic (Biblical) Counselling skills used by a therapist, may also be useful to the Christian man or woman - particularly in the area of Stress, Anger and bereavement and guilt problems.

Psychotherapy: Deeper issues may be helped such as anxiety and depression, or phobias, and fears, or other mental health issues, like bi-polar, schizophrenia or general borderline personality problems.

Expecting mental health changes simply by praying more / harder and trying to exercise one's faith often brings feelings of inadequacy and failure and even guilt. 

Whereas, a skilled practitioner's training and better understanding of the workings of the human brain and the differences between male and female brains is often helpful to facilitate changes in relationships, some of which are often unobtainable without. 

Clinical Psychotherapeutic help may certainly be helpful with inter-relationship work with couples.

These 'Talking Therapies', including qualified work with personal issues and mental health support, can be very usefull and very therapeutic, in the skilled hands of a qualified therapist. In many cases Christians have been helped to live out useful, safe, normative and Godly lives. 

What is The Deep Relaxation State - Meditative, Visualisation & Scriptural Imputation Technique? We call it By-Pass Therapy (BPT)

This is a specific Christian Clinical Therapy, that utilises tried and tested clinical methods of deep meditation, like the Benson technique and these methods are adapted for Christian use, without the unfounded mind control fears that surround the use of Hypnotherapy. 

Hypnotherapy is not unscriptural, as the Bible does not mention hypnotherapy at all and to make a link with Deuteronomy 18 or Galations with mention of practices of witchcraft and sorcery, is laughable at best.  As a Christian minister I would not be associated with anything that is associated with evil practices. 

However to put a Christian mind at ease if worried about these things.  We have developed the 'By-Pass Therapy' (BPT) which is used in deep relaxation in a 'similar' way to hypnosis and without any fear of mind control techniques, even though CLINICAL Hypnotherapy (not the stage and stooge stuff) is often used successfully in the medical profession within Dentistry, to alleviate pain. It is also employed in the treatment of problems such as IBS, and successfully used by a Doctor in Hospital and in specific pain control too.

Therapy with Christian scriptural tested methods at the heart of the work we do, to bring you a new form of Christian By-Pass Therapy using a 'Christian based alternative' to Hypnotherapy, to build positive Godly suggestions for your unconscious mind to feast on and to deal with your old life-scripts which may have been damaging and/or disempowering.

Is this Hypnotherapy in the traditional sense - the answer is NO!  

It is something very different, though there are similarities, as it utilises relaxation, meditation, anchoring, visualisation and also 'by-passes' the conscious resistance to change (often through fear) which is also encouraged through the Word of God for the Christian patient. 

We do not use hypnotherapy with Christians, as there may be a fear an altered state, a trance state, where the person may feel they are under the control of the hypnotherapist, which is often confused with the ancient way of 'mind control tricks', (more associated with stage hypnosis) which is considered to be unethical and certainly unbiblical.  The use of modern clinical hypnotherapy is a far cry from those spell binding works of evil.

Therefore, this is totally safe to the Christian patient, and is a technique we have called  "Bypass-Therapy", - the long version is called:-

"The Booty method of 'By-Pass Therapy' using Deep Relaxation, Meditation, Visualisation & Scriptural Imputation Technique.".

This all helps to empower you personally and not the Therapist.

A typical situation would be help for Stress and Anger management, as well as mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, sexual problems and confidence problems and many, many, other ways in which you can find fast relief and move on in your life. 

We also utilise the Human Givens safe 'Rewind technique' for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to solve major trauma problems fast!


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